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OBD remapping

This process uses the vehicles OBD diagnostics port which is located inside the vehicle to read the vehicles ECU or TCU.


Boot remapping

Like Bench remapping access to the ECU is needed but unlike the bench process the ECU needs to be fully removed and pulled apart and weighted pins are used to make contact on the circuit board.


Bench remapping

For this process access to the ECU is needed to be able to read the ECU via using a ‘pin out’ method were wires are attached to the connectors on the ECU or TCU.


DPF, EGR, Adblue and DTC solutions

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Advanced Diagnostics

Diagnostics are used to diagnose any ongoing issues that you may be having with your vehicle.


DPF Regenerations

Forced DPF regeneration is a method used to clean the DPF process.